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How to improve your website?

Andrew Pearce

Websites are an important part of your business. Websites are like a medium you can use to generate the look and feel of your company. What you provide and how you work, everything can be answered with the help of your website.

Some people don't know this,thus don't act towards it. While some people know it but tend to overdo things, thus making the website very crowded and less attractive.

The question still remains the same. How to improve a website in such a way that the message and the feel of the company is portrayed yet the website is not overdone. Follow the below given steps and I guarantee your website engagement will improve!

Steps to take to improve engagement on your website:

This is not the holy grail of website development but just some simple and easy steps that you can take to improve your customer engagement.

Keep it simple

I cannot stress enough about the importance of keeping your website and especially your home page simple. Minimalism is the new cool. Saying what you want to say using minimum content is the key. I don't mean that you should keep your website empty. Instead your website is clean and stays on point.

For this you can use WordPress or Weebly and choose ready-made templates and work directly. You can even start designing your website from scratch too.

Create variety in pages

Imagine visiting your friends house for the first time and you see that all the rooms look exactly the same.  What a massive confusion right! That is what your customers will face if you don't keep variety in the layout of different pages.

You can make segmentation of pages within your website and keep the same layout for pages that are in the same segment. Like for example the pages that show yours features or services can look the same but they should differ from the pages that contain blog articles.

Users should feel that the website is interactive and not boring. Also you can take advantage and design the pages that feel personalized according to the type of information they show.

Make your website responsive

If you are not doing this already then you are losing the race by a great margin. With the rise in technology and internet the customers carry a computer in their pockets! And if you have a website that is uncomfortable to use when accessed through a mobile phone or a tab then making your website responsive should be your first priority.

According to the WARC estimate around 2 billion people access the internet using only their smartphones. See how many potential clients you are losing.

Choose colors wisely

This is the part of the website that can help you to generate the feel of your company to your users. Colors have a huge impact on the way we feel and even can help change our mood. For example you can take McDonalds, they use two colors (red and yellow) only. These colors are very friendly and according to a study tend to make you hungry!

You can use colors in a similar manner. Do not use more than three color pallets. Again it is important to keep it simple. You can play with colors that are used in your logo. If your logo does not have any colors then you can simply choose a color pallet and mix it with black and white.

Use impressive fonts

You can keep on writing good content but still you won't get a good engagement because of the format and font of your text. You should choose fonts that are comfortable to read. Also the size of your text should be readable but not too big.

There is no formula to this. But keep in mind that the font size is not constant but changes according to the style. But you should not limit this to font size and style. The overall structure also matters equally. This includes line spacing, margin, header, line alignment etc.

Use white spaces

It is good that you have enough content and designs to fill your website but you should not do it. Focus on quality not quantity. Rather take advantage of white spaces and use them to increase the focus on your designs.

You can divide your content into multiple web pages. This will help your users to go through your content comfortably.

Easy to read content

You may have amazing content to publish to your website but if you don't write it in a readable format then it is useless. You should divide the content using sectional headers. This is also good for your website SEO. Using sectional headers can help the bot to understand the content on your website.

Apart from this you should not put long paragraphs as they can be very intimidating to read. Also using images or GIFs in between the text can also help you to engage users.

Easy to Navigate

As your website can have multiple web pages and a lot of information, so it should be easy for users to navigate through it. Each web page must have a navigation point that can help users to move through the website.

You can use pyramid navigation, this is an easy way to list your web pages and also helps to improve SEO of your website by aiding the web crawler to go through your website and its contents.

Add social media plugins

Social media has replaced blogging websites and has taken the internet by a storm. Majority of people spend time on the internet using social media only. So if you add direct plugins in your website then the users will be able to see your social media pages. They can even share some of your content on their own social media accounts. This is also a type of marketing called social media marketing.

Adding Social Media to your website has following benefits:

  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Grows your presence on the internet
  • Boost user engagement with your brand
  • generate natural back-links

You can add these plugins either on header or footer of your website.

Include call-to-action Clearly

This is one of the most important pages in your website. This is the page that directly brings you business. This is where the potential users become subscribers. So it is your responsibility to make this page simple and unique. Keep it to the point and personalize this page.

Also add a display of confirmation once the user has subscribed to your newsletters etc. These displays can be as basic as a thank you pop-up window.

Add live chat

Adding live chat can help you to set a repo with your customers. Your customers will come to know about the support that you are going to provide them with if they connect with you.

Also they can use live chats to ask the query that you can answer in a very personalized manner. In this way your customers will know that your company is not just about business and that you care for your customers. Even adding an automated chat system can work.

Include internal links

Internal links are basically links from one of your web pages to another web page. This will help you to engage customers with your content. You can explain something that the customer wants to know and then link it to another page that is related to the same topic.

This will increase your user’s curiosity and they will spend more time on your website. This too will help you with SEO boosting of your website and help you to rank higher in organic searches.

Use different types of content

Although using text and characters to display your content is good but it is not good enough. You must use different forms to create content like images, gifs, videos or infographics. All the users may not find text as an engaging medium. Images and infographics are an interesting way to show your content. Using this you can even get creative and explore.

Take Feedbacks

Feedback is the best way to audit your website. You can do everything right, technically and content wise but still your website might not be engaging. So instead of over optimizing your site you can take feedback from your user base and see what is missing in your website from a user perspective.

Feedcast can help you with increasing user engagement by providing push notifications and feedback mechanisms that you can directly add to your website. You can customize your notification panel and add “what’s new” in your website as a widget or as a standalone page. Feedcast specializes in increasing user engagement.

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